Buying Your Dream Home

Preparing to Buy

Remember, purchasing a home is a financial investment as well as a personal investment for your family. Moving into a new home is a major change in life, for adults and children alike. There are two ways to prepare to buy a home: pragmatically and emotionally.

Prepare pragmatically!

  • Have a solid understanding of your finances and what you are comfortable affording to determine a purchase price range, mortgage amount, and monthly payment.
  • Develop realistic expectations and understand the current market regarding offers, purchase prices, timing, and current negotiation tactics.
  • Prepare for the costs such as the earnest deposit, down payment, closing costs, escrows, inspections, and moving costs.
  • Determine the timeframe for purchase and moving (before school begins or ends or in a certain season).
  • Research moving needs and costs.

Prepare emotionally!

  • Acknowledge that you may be leaving a long-time residence and community.
  • Make a plan to keep in touch with close friends.
  • Understand it will take time to acclimate to a new community.
  • You may need to learn where to buy fresh produce, go to the doctor, find a bank, join a new church, etc.
  • Get ready to meet new people and make new friends.

Having a good understanding of what you want and what you can comfortably manage means you will not waste your time and court disappointment in your search. Working with an experienced Realtor who listens and understands your needs and knows the market ensures a good focus on your home search.

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