Selling Your House

Accepting an Offer

Your preparation has paid off and there is an offer. Saying yes is exciting, but before that happens, you should rely on your agent to negotiate the sale on your behalf. The details are important.

Contract considerations:

Sales price – Is the offer acceptable in terms of price?

Concessions – Is the buyer asking you, the seller, to pay for closing costs? Is the buyer asking for the seller to pay for repairs?

Sales concessions – Is the buyer asking for other property such as appliances, furniture, pools, car, pool table, or specific lighting? Is the buyer requesting a home warranty?

Who will be responsible for any items or repairs noted in a property inspection?

Contingency clause – Is the buyer’s offer dependent on the sale of their current home?

Dates – Are the dates for closing and occupancy acceptable?


These are some of the most common terms to be negotiated but do not include all possibilities. With a good agent by your side, you will have someone who understands how each consideration changes the actual sales price and whether it is in your best interest to accept an offer. Negotiation is an art, as well as a science. Your agent’s experience has a major influence on the ability to negotiate terms that are to your benefit.

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