Did you know Brokers can represent you in buying a lot in a new neighborhood or land outside a neighborhood for that matter? Finding the right place to build your custom home means you need someone with experience in the area! Wright Realtors agents are lifetime residents of Hendricks County and will be there to support you every step of the way! From choosing the right builder for you, land location, & financing.  Here at Wright Realtors we are experienced in identifying appropriate lots/lands while discussing the pros and cons or various locations.

We have put together a starting point to begin the land/lot buying process! Enjoy!

1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – Know the area in which you are considering building your custom home! Allow Wright Realtors experience in the area & research assist you with this. In most cases, this will be your forever home so be picky!!

2. Know the type of home you are wanting to build. Consult with a custom builder. Wright Realtors would be happy to help team up with some of the best in Hendricks County. Also, consider roads, sewage or septic systems, utilities, etc. Hendricks County is full beautiful homes, but when you want to customize you need to have an idea of how much land your home will require.

3. BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM. Team up with a broker who has experience in Hendricks County. Consult with a custom builder. When you have a team to look out & support your decision to build a custom home the process will be a smooth one.

4. FINANCING. You will need to know where you stand and what you can afford for your lot & building your home. Take note that lender consider financing land riskier than financing a home – this is because it is much, much easier to walk away from a lot without a home on it. Typically, at least 20% down payment is needed and an impeccable credit. It is also a possibility to consider financing your home with a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit if you have enough value in your current home to borrow against it. Start shopping around for where you feel comfortable in securing your financing with.

A big thank you to The Molloy’s who inspired this post & just recently bought a lot with us! 🙂 We so enjoyed working with you and we are so excited for you to start building your dream home. We can’t thank you enough for choosing Wright Realtors to represent you!